The Seasoned Chef


Sample Menus

Working closely with you, we can create your perfect menu to match the tastes and dietry requirements of your guests. Shown below are some of the dishes created for previous events.

Five Course Dinner Party with Canapes


 Bloody Mary cherry tomatoes with celery stalk canape

 Prawn and Chorizo skewers canape

 Smoked haddock with quails eggs canape


 White onion velouté



 Blue cheese, walnut and pear salad



 Plaice with red wine



 Venison with Chocolate sauce, confit potato, spinach

 and braised red cabbage with apples and glazed  




 Pistachio soufflé with dark chocolate sorbet surprise

Summer Buffet and BBQ


 Coffee cups of Gazpacho with chicory leaves  

 holding small diced tomato, pepper and croutons


 Loin of tuna coated with wasabi and black pepper –  

 seared over a charcoal grill served in sashimi style



 Butterfly leg of lamb rubbed with olive oil, garlic and

 rosemary – cooked over a charcoal grill and served as  

 thick slices


 Minted new potato salad

 Tomato and onion salad

 New Orleans buttermilk coleslaw

 Spicy prawn and rice noodle salad


 Chicken and ham terrine with herbs served with

 gooseberry chutney


 Individual sweet tarts filled with crème pâtissière,

 raspberries and strawberries with an apricot glaze


 Peaches poached in champagne  with Chantilly cream

Suggestions for Canapes




 Small lemon tarts with raspberries

 Sweet pastry boats with crème pâtissière and  

 raspberry, strawberry and redcurrant topping

 Mini New York cheesecakes

 Sauterne jelly cubes with blackberries

 Mini doughnuts with Jam




 Bloody Mary cherry tomatoes with celery stalks

 Caramel glazed cherry tomatoes with toasted sesame


 Cream cheese and smoked salmon roulade

 Smoked salmon Pâté on blinis with dill

 Prawn and Chorizo skewers with gremolata

 Stilton and Chutney rarebit bites

 Cheese straws with Parma ham and parmesan

 Smoked haddock scotch quails eggs

 Thai chicken skewers with a satay dip

 Mini lamb and feta burgers with mint yoghurt dip

 Duck and beetroot toasts

 Gazpacho shots with chicory leaves filled with diced

 peppers and croutons

Suggestions for Starters




 Seared Tuna and Guacamole with soy dressing

 Smoked salmon parcels filled with salmon  


 Plaice with red wine, leek and bacon

 Scallops with black pudding and pea puree




 Thai Beef salad

 Chicken liver Pâté and melba toast

 Carpaccio of beef

 Lamb koftas with mint dressing




 Spicy smoked haddock soup

 Bubble and squeak soup

 Gazpacho with chicory leaves filled with diced

 peppers and croutons




 Twice baked goats cheese soufflés

 Blue cheese, walnut and Pear salad

 Vegetable samosas

 Mixed vegetable tempura with aioli

Suggestions for Main Courses




 Beef casserole with thyme and anchovies

 Beef Wellington      Beef Stroganoff


 Chicken and Game


 Stuffed breast of chicken with spinach and pine nuts

 and mustard cream sauce

 Roast poussin with mushroom and pine nut stuffing

 Chicken Milanese with spicy tomato sauce

 Venison loin with dark chocolate sauce




 Roasted Cod loin with Risotto Nero and saffron sauce

 Sea bass baked in salt            Monkfish vindaloo


 Lamb and Pork


 Lamb cutlets and sorrel sauce          Lamb Tagine

 Pork Medallions in a cider and cream sauce

 Roast loin of pork with a sage and apricot stuffing




 Barley Risotto with marinated feta

 Creamy mushroom pancakes & roast thyme tomatoes

 Spinach and Ricotta lasagne

 Stuffed roast peppers with tomato and anchovy

 Red onion tarte tartin


Suggestions for Desserts




 Lemon tart, basil sorbet and butter scotch sauce

 Soft chocolate cake with crème fraîche

 Chocolate roulade with raspberry sauce

 Individual strawberry fraisier gateau

 Lemon Posset with Florentine biscuits

 Pistachio soufflé with chocolate sorbet surprise

 Cranachan cheesecake and mixed berry compote

 Eton Mess

 Summer pudding

 French apple tart

 Rhubarb crumble with crème anglaise

 Crêpes suzette





 Welsh rarebit

 Devils on horseback

 Savoury oysters

 Fig and blue cheese savouries